RFID solutions for improve business processes and reduce the cost impact of the implementation.

RFID solutions are proving their benefits in an expanding range of business. With results from increasing the productivity of business processes, increasing the efficiency of the supply chain, product and stock management, and reducing costs and labor usage. More recently RFID implementations in Manufacturing, warehouse and transportation are helping to streamline operations, improve product history referencing, tracking, and other traceability issues in logistics processes. However, in order to implement an RFID based solution, there is a need to make new capital investments in building the systems needed. 

Are you looking to perhaps introduce RFID into your operations? 

Even if you want to introduce RFID, you may find that the entire plan is brought to a halt by the costs of initial new hardware investment. In this case we would like to introduce the Toshiba B-EX4/B-EX6 Series RFID-ready printers. Purchasing these printers today for current operations enable the use of RFID technology, if you decide to implement RFID at some point in the future. Just fit the optional RFID Read/Write Module to the 4” width B-EX4T1 Series or the 6” width B-EX6T1 Series printer and you can immediately start printing and encoding RFID labels and tags. 

Our unique technology enables both stress-free label printing and RFID data encoding. 

Doing this has enabled many of our customers to manage the migration to RFID solutions in order to improve their business processes and reduce the cost impact of the implementation.

Applicable Models
B-EX4T1 Series
B-EX6T1 Series