e-BRIDGE Paper Reuse Report


Although paper is being reused through the Toshiba Hybrid MFP, how much paper can be reused and what benefits can be gained are uncertain. If the MFP administrator can understand how paper reuse contributes to reductions of paper use and cost along with CO2 emissions, and notify users of the results, then more paper can be reused.

Now, we would like to introduce our useful application which Toshiba Hybrid MFP provides called the e-BRIDGE Paper Reuse Report application. This application automatically collects data on the Hybrid MFP and the optional e-STUDIO RD301 paper reusing device, calculates the benefits of paper reuse and reduced CO2 emissions based on the data on the number of erased sheets, and displays the results in an easy-to-see way such as a graph. Collected data can be also output in CSV or PDF format. Moreover, one application can collect data from up to 10 devices.

Environmental contributions on a company or logistics area are visualized to encourage employees to print in erasable blue and reuse paper.