Dual Scan Document Feeder



When scanning a thin paper document such as an invoice, do you scan from the platen to protect the document from damage?
Since the optional Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) for Toshiba MFPs supports thin paper, you can scan even a thin paper document efficiently.

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*    As the DSDF has a simple paper feed structure, little stress is placed on the document during scanning, thereby minimizing damage.
*    As the DSDF allows a document of up to 300 sheets to be loaded, even a large number of sheets can be scanned easily in a short time.
*    As the DSDF supports a wide range of paper types from thin paper (35 gsm/9.3 lb. bond) to thick paper (209 gsm/41.8 lb. bond), even documents which were previously scanned from the platen can now be scanned automatically with the DSDF.