Waterproof Paper for Water- and Dirt-Resistant Posters

Logistics facilities like warehouses have various posted warning labels and location indicators, but the inside of a warehouse is similar to being outside, so to maintain the durability of such posters and labels they are either laminated or their production is outsourced, which takes time and money.
Printing out labels and indicators on waterproof paper however enables water- and dirt-resistant posters to be created simply and in a very short amount of time.

Features & Benefits

Waterproof paper is a durable, waterproof printing medium that can be used with Toshiba color MFPs to easily print out long-lasting signs, posters and location labels.

Printouts are waterproof and highly durable so they hold up for long periods of time even outdoors and in damp conditions.

Waterproof paper makes it easy to create high-quality color signs and labels without using graphic design software. And since the paper is already waterproof, there is no need to laminate after printing.

A wide range of standard paper sizes is available, from card size up to 1,200 mm-wide banner size. The paper can be printed on both sides for a wide variety of applications.

How to Use

  1. Select "Special 1" as the Paper Type on the printer driver before printing.
  2. Place the waterproof paper in the bypass tray.
  3. Push the Start button on the MFP.
Applicable Models
e-STUDIO7506AC series
e-STUDIO5005AC series
e-STUDIO6570C series
e-STUDIO5055C series
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