Improvement of shipping process by form and label printing at same time

Less time needed to verify shipping documents: Print for Shipping form and label combined in one sheet


What kind of challenge that shipping customers are faced with? 

We handle a lot of shipments in a day. Consequently, the work of printing out invoices and labels, which differ depending on the recipient and shipping content, for each shipment; checking shipments and their documents; and enclosing those documents takes considerable time and effort. On top of that, we must have many printers, such as printers for forms and dedicated label printers, and each requires supplies and maintenance. Managing them is a nuisance...


Use Toshiba’s MFP for printing on form and label paper

Not only is Toshiba’s MFP useful in business as a copier, printer, scanner, and fax machine, it can also print the invoices and labels needed for shipping on one sheet using form and label paper. Moreover, it effortlessly produces prints on invoices and labels using the same procedure as for standard printing. 


Customer benefit

Makes work more efficient by eliminating the need to check and enclose shipping documents. Also, simultaneous printing of color advertisements and fewer printers means fewer maintenance man-hours. By expanding your choices and quickly creating the tools you need, it helps you reap tremendous savings of both time and cost!