Mobile & Cloud Solution from Drivers' Eye

Can easily print out just what you need whenever you want via mobile device



In logistics, delivery routes and deliverables are added and changed on a daily basis, and drivers check on these changes by both email and phone. Sometimes there are major changes to routes and deliverables, making it time-consuming and troublesome to confirm the changes just by email or phone. Even if you want to print out the relevant information, do you ever have problems printing things out at your convenience at your offices or warehouses?



Using the Mobile & Cloud Solution, Toshiba MFPs can be connected to your mobile device to easily output documentation at cargo pickup warehouses and delivery centers. Delivery routes, shipment lists, and other items can also be immediately printed out if suddenly required. This solution also offers stronger security and can be used with trust and peace of mind.

Customer benefit

Because data can be easily output from files stored on mobile devices or cloud storage, it is possible to print out changed routes or lists of additions to deliverable and delivery sites. Moreover, with Toshibaʼs MFP, you can connect from any office or warehouse to print out necessary documents at any time you like. This service is extremely convenient on days when many changes have been made, when additions are difficult to understand, or when you want to write in notes or confirm items, as you can print out just the documents you want.