Mobile & Cloud Solution from Warehouse Managers' Eye

Saving time and hassle with printing via mobile device



At our logistics warehouses, we print out the details of delivery routes and sorted products, and hand that information over to shipping company drivers. That requires some time, as we print out several sheets for all drivers for that day, not just one or two. We also send over the data beforehand, so (rarely) there are drivers who do not need printouts, but it can be difficult to read the sheets on a mobile device if relying only on the digital format. Some drivers also want to make short notes on the sheets.

For these reasons and others, it is absolutely necessary for us to make a printout for each driver.



Using e-BRIDGE Print & Capture (Mobile & Cloud Solution), Toshiba MFPs can be connected to your mobile device, enabling you to easily print out delivery routes and shipment lists, anytime and anywhere.

The service is easy to operate and does not require installation or other hassle each time itʼs used. Warehouse managers can send the dayʼs delivery routes, product information, and other necessary data in digital format, while drivers themselves can print out any information they want in hard copy.


Customer benefit

It was once necessary to prepare large amounts of printouts in time for the day, but now individual drivers can print out just what they themselves need, saving time and paper.

This has improved the efficiency of work overall, as drivers can spend more time on other tasks so that they can smoothly begin making deliveries.