Hybrid MFP for Logistics



Temporary documents such as picking lists and inventory lists, which are printed for warehouse operations on a daily basis, are more likely to be no longer needed after arrangements have been made. Paper costs and loading space are increased and just discarded after checking. How could all such paper be used more efficiently? But documents, such as invoices that are provided outside the company, need to be printed properly. It would be good if an MFP can print properly, perform finishing and efficiently use paper.



The Toshiba Hybrid MFP that enables printing with its unique erasable blue toner can erase the toner to reuse the paper. Data can be digitized during toner erase operation, making it easy to find data later on. Since the Hybrid MFP allows regular black and white printing as well as printing with erasable blue toner in a single unit, external documents can be printed at ease. Paper costs can be reduced and space can be used more efficiently, keeping the warehouse clean, neat and organized! Paper reuse spontaneously contributes to the global environment.


Customer benefit

Temporary documents and external documents are mixed in logistics operations. Temporary documents are printed in erasable blue, to reuse paper. The MFP itself or the optional e-STUDIO RD301 paper reusing device can erase the toner. The e-STUDIO RD301 can also digitize data before erasing the toner in the toner erase process, allowing paper storage space to be saved and making it easy to find data later on.

Therefore, the Hybrid MFP is optimal for the logistics industry.

"Hybrid for Logistics"