Rules Based Printing



A huge number of sheets of documents such as orders, order receipts, and picking lists are printed in the transport and logistics industry. Some documents are discarded once they are checked. Are you still printing them even though you want to reduce paper waste?

You can solve such problems by changing the settings on your computer.



The convenient Rules Based Printing feature of the Toshiba Hybrid MFP allows you to print any time by setting the toner color and default rules for print settings for each application.


For example, these rules can be defined as defaults, leading to a reduction in the amount of paper waste disposal.

- Internal notification documents and reporting data in Word format: Print in black and white

- Shipping requests and e-mails that are more likely to be discarded once they are printed and checked: Print in erasable blue and duplex mode to reuse paper


Customer benefit

The default rules for reducing the amount of paper waste disposal are set for each application so you can feel free to use this feature for normal printing. In addition, when this feature is combined with erasable printing to reuse paper, the amount of paper waste disposal can be further reduced. Since the specified settings can be temporarily changed, printing can be done as necessary.


This is a time- and environment-friendly feature that helps you save time and effort as well as steadily reduce waste.

"rules based printing"