FAX & List Print (Output color setting)



Even with the current advancement of digital data use, faxes maybe still used as a means to communicate rapidly and accurately in the field of logistics since speed is often required.

As a way of checking if a fax was sent to the correct addresses, a destination list is printed and checked. Since you can tell by just looking at the printed list, you often no longer need the list and discard it once you have checked it.



The Toshiba Hybrid MFP allows the toner mode to be set to either erasable blue or black-and-white when printing faxes and lists. The print settings for printing lists which are discarded after being checked can be set to erasable blue, thereby contributing to the reuse of paper and to the reduction of paper waste disposal cost. This feature can be applied to Internet faxes as well as other received faxes and list prints.* Available menus: Fax, Internet Fax, List Print* FAX function is extra option


Customer benefit

Some faxes and list prints are only temporarily needed and are therefore discarded after being checked. This feature can print them with erasable blue printing and thereby contribute to the reuse of paper along with reductions in the amount and cost of paper waste disposal. 

Toshiba's Hybrid MFP e-STUDIO5008LP series

"Fax&List print"