Print conveniently from any MFP 



There are so many forms and documents on the site of logistics, and they are printed in large quantities every day.

And also, there is a concern about printing of high priority jobs at peak times in a busy working environment. There is another concern about the necessity of investing in building a system.



The Multi-Station Print feature is a server-less printing solution that allows printing from any of up to 10 convenient MFPs at different locations even on different floors in the same network. There is no need to wait until the designated MFP is ready.

This feature in collaboration with the user authentication does not enable automatic printing. Instead, it enables printing from any available printer when you hold the card over the reader. It helps you change the print settings on the control panel before printing, thus reduce print waste. Concurrently, it provides security without making documents left in the output bin. Re-printing on the control panel is available without sending a job again.

No special server is required for this useful feature. Furthermore, easy MFP installation is ensured as information on users and address book in one MFP can be easily cloned to other ones.

Multiple MFPs can be efficiently shared in the working place, to optimize management and operation.