Reduce miss-shipments by employing Form & Label solutions

In todays every changing consumer market the need for more efficient and flexible transport continues to grow. With the demographic change to more single person households alongside the rapid expansion of online shopping, the type, size and quantity of transported goods are diversifying.

To meet the challenges and opportunities created by this change, Logistic operators need to provide new services with improvements in the following areas.

  1. Reduce the time needed from order receipt to shipment.
  2. Reduce cost per shipment especially in the unit transportation and warehouse operational cost.
  3. Remove potential human induced errors that can create miss-shipments or physical damage.

With every shipment there are diverse requirements for the inclusion of different documents. These documents can be produced on different devices at different speeds and require the operators to match the correct documents to the correct shipment.

A Form and Label solution is a document that combines all the required documents in one easy to handle package to increase work efficiency, reduce working time and eliminate the potential for operator errors.

Toshiba Printing Solutions are the only global operator with the depth and breadth of knowledge that covers the management and production of documents and labeling solutions. Contact us to learn how Toshiba can help you improve your shipping work flow.


An example of Form and Label

example of label

Type A


Type B


Applying the Form & Label on the package


Type A                                                                                          Type B


Form & Label to improve the efficiency for shipping process