Picking Solution

In the logistics industry, paper document is used in large quantities. In particular, for picking and other such work, lists are printed in large quantities for jobs, and when the jobs are done the lists are thrown away.

A certain logistics provider was printing as many as 500 sheets of picking lists each day. The lists would be stored as evidences for around two weeks after the jobs ended, and then would be thrown away. This required not only large expenses for the paper but also a great deal of storage space. The company realized it had to do something.

Using Toshiba’s Paper Reusing System allows the company to reuse paper that’s already been printed on. Paper printed with a multifunction printer using erasable toner can be erased using an eraser unit. This allows a paper to be used an average of five times, which reduces paper usage by up to 80%. Using the Pilot Frixtion Ball pen when writing on the paper also allows any handwriting that has been added to be erased.

In addition, the eraser unit is equipped with a scanner, which enables the printouts to be stored as data before they are erased.