Inbound documentation comes in many formats.
Now you can process everything automatically.

The logistics printing solutions deliver precision and speedy response, creating the ideal environment for logistics operations.

Error-free handling is essential for outbound shipments. But maintaining accuracy in the inbound logistics chain is at least as important.

The MFPs at the core of printing solutions not only print documents for outbound shipments, they can also automate complex inbound tasks to avoid manual entry errors.

Inbound items may use a variety of formats for BOLs, packing slips and other documentation. In case of paper documents, data may be entered manually into the system, a particularly error-prone situation. A mistake here will undermine outbound shipping accuracy and require wasteful repetition.

Using MFPs (Multi Functional Peripherals), you can scan inbound documents to automatically digitize text and numeric data, making it searchable from PCs and mobile devices.

With so many processes and functions happening at once in the logistics workplace, a single human error can snowball into perilous legal and financial trouble. By enabling automated digitization, MFPs can prevent the inevitable mistakes of manual entry. This maintains a high standard of data accuracy that inspires trust and frees workers from the burden of worry.

These are just some of the ways printing solutions support accuracy and efficiency in the logistics field.

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