AWH Pty Ltd.

Customer: AWH Pty Ltd. 
Country: Australia
Industry: Logistics

Managing Logistics

Toshiba’s OCR solutions automatize large-scale logistics

AWH introduces automated solutions and modern business processes.

Created in 1998, AWH provides efficient storage and warehousing services for
Australia’s wool industry.

By using Toshiba’s OCR solution AWH was able to make significant energy savings and increase work efficiency.


AWH, like many Australian organisations, has businesscritical processes that are still paper based. Issues such as accuracy, data entry and timely processing are constant
challenges. Ensuring that AWH meets compliance standards is crucial to successful operations.

“The challenges on a daily basis include manual intervention, duplicate key entry, high utilisation, and over staffing.” -- John Kilbride, Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Toshiba identied the business processes in need of modernisation, and worked with AWH to analyse current processes and determine blockages and inefficiencies, to develop a fully automated solution.

The automation of some of the OCR technology has “eliminated many issues and we are very happy the integration of the technology to automate our consignment management process.” -- John Kilbride, CIO 


Eliminating the number of manual interventions and increasing the automation process, has enabled AWH to increase their overall productivity.

“Overall, we are impressed by Toshiba’s attention to AWH’s particular needs and their willingness to work outside the box to create innovative solutions that suit us, turning hours into minutes. Toshiba has also provided continued guiding and support that help keep the operation running smoothly.” -- John Kilbride, CIO