Freight Mark

Customer: Freight Mark
Country: Malaysia
Industry: Logistics

"I wouldn’t say complications, but challenges. Before we were introduced to Toshiba’s solutions, our management were in semi-auto fashion."

At Freight Mark, the challenges are to exceed customers’ expectations through the most extensive and efficient use of network and technology with best in class operations and customer service to attain speed and reliability of services.

As a major industry player, Freight Mark owns an extensive network of logistics hubs in strategic locations throughout South East Asia and International, coupled with cutting edge technology in complimenting the entire supply chain includes warehousing, distribution, freight, forwarding, express, consolidation, haulage and other value added services. Through its deep understanding of customers’ products and special handling requirements, Freight Mark offers a total integrated logistic solutions suite tailored to customer needs with its strategic foot-prints and landscape.

Freight Mark is always trying to become the solution provider rather than a product provider. For this reason, it reflects Toshiba's vision and commenced a bond, creating a successful partnership between Freight Mark and Toshiba. Toshiba commitment is to provide the best products and solutions to help clients optimize their business operations. This proves Toshiba’s effort in becoming a "solution provider", more than just a "product supplier" to Freight Mark and all its clients.

"I've seen many providers who are still pretty much product-centric. Instead, what I am asking for is a right solution to our industry which not any are able to provide."

Mr. Yau Kah Keng, IT Director of Freight Mark had a unique experience with Toshiba. The way Toshiba works with its partners is quite similar to Freight Mark does with its clients. Toshiba knows that providing machines with highest technologies alone does not work 100%. The right product combinations and connections will create the best solution and better working environment for its clients. To achieve this, Toshiba has been learning a lot through its experiences.


"Definitely the situation has improved as the solution reduces human interventions."

"Some of our processes were not optimized," said Mr. Yau. User's manual interventions were required in some situations to ensure completeness and compliance. The situation was dealt by keeping a physical copy as some Proof of Delivery (POD) come in multiple copies. While some of these copies are returned to the shipper, some are actually retained in the warehouse and transporter. If that particular POD is required, they will search the storage, from each of the boxes.

When there are issues arise to the POD, the employees had to go through manual interventions in accomplishing the investigation process. Mr. Yau further stressed that scanning process was repeated before they proceed to obtain customer's approval.
After partnering with Toshiba, the situation has taken a turn for the better. "Definitely the situation has improved as the solution reduces manual interventions. Throughout the refined solution, POD process, there are couple documents that we could archive together with less hassle; our own logistics copy which is the Delivery Order (DO) printed by us and a set of documents from the shipper. When we print the DO from our internal system, it gets into Form Trap and automatically scans it. Conventionally, we printed out and scanned manually with two steps, but these processes are now streamlined into a single process. This means time saved, productivity improved!"
"Whichever data that are uploaded and stored in the repository can now be cross-checked against documents or records that were created in the internal system as notifications to alert the number of documents that have not been returned together with transporters' details. In other way, the solution makes the process more proactive and turns costs into profits."

"I don't see Toshiba as a supplier, but I see them as a strategic partner."

"Although there are still some unrefined areas, but with strong partnership between Freight Mark and Toshiba, we will be able to address each one relatively with Toshiba's innovation." When asked about his experience in relation to the "Together Information" slogan, Mr. Yau replied, "I think it is great commitment from Toshiba, indeed it is 'Together Innovation' rather than just information!"