Customer: MonotaRO
Country: Japan
Industry: Retail

Saving paper without changing working practices is attractive.

Saving paper without changing working practices is attractive.

MonotaRO Co.,Ltd. consumable goods and factory replacement parts for the manufacturing, car maintenance and construction industries via It also sells maintenance tools, tires, car suspension parts, along with construction industry and office supplies. It handles over 700 million products. The number of registers is over 1.2 million, increasing by over 20,000 per month. MonotaRO Co. Ltd. has over 1,000 supplier companies, with its customer support department handling all communication related to customer orders. Control this gigantic day by day delivery, MonotaRO needed to find out the best solution to handle it.

Challenges were to find a new method of communication besides to rely on fax machines.

Receives over 1,000 sheets of paper in fax machine every day. If the information is processed in the core system, the documents generally do not need to be kept. In terms of cutting down on paper documents, just using the other side of the paper, or using it for memos, still meant the company had a problem in terms of the volume of used paper every day. Staff in the IT services department happened to find out about e-STUDIO306LP and e-STUDIO RD30 as Toshiba Paper Reusing System on the web. They sent in an inquiry to Toshiba, the investor of Toshiba Paper Reusing System, and ended up introducing after a trial demonstration. The customer support department set up the system and the company’s existing composite machine on the same network. This system is now preferred way of receiving from fax machines. With this, they receive 15,000 sheets per month. Average composite machine requires 90,000 sheets of paper a year, even using both sides of the paper. But with proper use of paper with Toshiba’s system, one side of paper can be used 5 to 10 times over, substantially cutting down on annual paper usage.

“At the end of each working day, we count up the paper for which the data has been processed.

We erase the documents which we classify as not needed with Toshiba Paper Reusing System. If any documents are stapled together, we remove the staple before erasing. This way we can re-use almost 100% of the paper”, said Assistant Director of customer support department, Ms. Noriko Kato, explains how the department uses the System.

Cutting down on paper usage is the principal benefit of introducing Toshiba Paper Reusing System. Office workers quickly get used to it. There is no set limit for the number of times you can re-use a sheet of paper.

“The result was, increasing output speed, reducing the amount of paper we purchase.”

“We receive 10,000 paper documents per month and re-use papers with the system and we do only erase un-needed documents without changing our business scheme. Printing clearly and also our efficiency is as good as it was before. Everyone now re-uses paper as a matter of course. We really feel the cost efficiency.” said Ms. Kato.