Customer: CL
Country: Japan
Industry: Logistics

Re-using paper through printing clearly and erasing, while maintaining business efficiency.

Reusing paper through printing clearly and erasing, while maintaining business efficiency.

CL Corporation is a leading 3PL company (Third Party Logistics), handling logistics operations on behalf of its customers. With its head office at CL Hall, it handles logistics for Toshiba Tec Corporation Logistics Center, and runs distribution centers for seven companies in total.

“Mostly, the work of distribution center was paper-based.”

At Toshiba distribution center, when CL receives a request for delivery over the network, they print out the delivery forms and the inventory form based on the delivery request. CL keeps delivery forms and inventory forms for up to one month. After that those forms aren’t needed anymore. Also, once items have been selected from a picking list, the lists don’t need to be kept. Previously, CL printed forms using a monochrome MFP. The only thing it did to save on paper was use both sides, but that wasn’t particularly effective.

When we used both sides of the paper, trying to work out which is the front and which is the back was confusing. “We had no choice but to throw away a lot of paper, which I felt was a waste”, says Mr. Daisuke Fuchi, CL Business operation Division. , as he thinks back on the business prior.

“Using Toshiba Paper Reusing System to save paper can be said to be a very effective strategy.”

In October 2013, a CL representative happened to see a demonstration of e-STUDIO306LP and e-STUDIO RD30, at Toshiba tradeshow. He saw the way Toshiba’s Paper Reusing System can print detailed characters and lines clearly, and rub out unneeded text tidily. The Paper Reusing System seemed like an effective way to cut down on paper usage, so he made a quick decision to introduce it. In December, CL started to use e-STUDIO306LP with e-STUDIO RD30.

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Even after the Paper Reusing System’s introduction, a lot of the practices which applied in a paper-based system didn’t actually need to change at all. Documents which aren’t required anymore, including memos, are rubbed out and the paper re-used. The company prints out from fax machines it receives requesting deliveries with e-STUDIO306LP; it erases these after use to save on paper by e-STUDIO RD30.
Although they still use the monochrome MFP for documents they send out, just as before, they have been able to cut down on the volume of paper they buy by up to a third.
Current paper usage with the MFP is, Printer 70%; Fax machines 20%; Copier 10%, so they really making best use of it! In general, logistics operations require a large number of forms. These documents typically don’t require long-term storage, so using the Paper Reusing System to save paper can be said to be a very effective strategy.

Finally, re-using paper means 33% reduction in the amount of paper we purchase.

We can use paper over and over again with Toshiba’s system. We can erase un-needed documents straightaway. Using Paper Reusing System to cut down on paper used for receiving from fax machines.
Characters and lines are easy to see and clearly printed.
Finally 98% of paper have been able to re-use.