Nippon Express Germany

Country: Germany
Industry: Transportation

Nippon Express Germany Cuts Costs and Reaps Efficiencies

Mr. Arnd Bremer, Nippon Express Deutschland GmbH

Mr. Arnd Bremer, Nippon Express Deutschland GmbH

Nippon Express Deutschland GmbH (NE Germany) was founded in 1981.
Headquartered in Monchengladbach, NE Germany has branch offices in Hamburg, Hanover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Filderstadt, Nuremberg and Munich. Arnd Bremer, IT Supporter Head Office, remembers the situation before Toshiba. With “many devices from different manufacturers, various different supplies to stock and huge time and effort for administration of the systems,” they faced a large challenge on a daily basis. NE Germany and Toshiba had built a strong business relationship in the logistics area over many years. To optimize NE Germany’s workflows Toshiba suggested Toshiba’s MDS (Managed Document Services) strategy, e-CONCEPT.

Thorough evaluation of work processes

NE Germany had been working with Toshiba closely, have a long history of trust and achievement of business progress. But to evolve business scheme more and more, it will be a challenges in front of them. Never stop, progress is the key for the business expansion.

Based on a thorough analysis of NE Germany’s workow and existing systems, Toshiba implemented e-CONCEPT. Tailored to client’s needs, this holistic solution to document management can cut costs, save time, optimize workow, and raise system efficiency.

Of particular interest to NE German was Toshiba’s ability to integrate label printers into e-CONCEPT solutions.

NE Germany’s head office evaluated the proposal, studying how Toshiba’s proposal would reduce costs and require less administrative effort. The analysis was further expanded to cover their nationwide subsidiaries.

Already aware of the quality and reliability of Toshiba systems, NE Germany was eager to proceed with a nationwide rollout.

Immediately and powerfully effective

Today more than 200 Toshiba MFPs and printers operate at NE Germany nationwide. In offices, the MFPs and printers handle invoice printing, daily correspondence, and entire office applications. Barcode printers take care of folder labelling and address label printing.

Comparing operations before and after implementation, IT Supporter Arnd Bremer says, “Toshiba systems are very user friendly. Access and sharing of information is very comfortable.”

“It is especially important to have as little effort as possible with support”

“For us in the IT department, it is especially important to have as little effort as possible with support of the systems,” says IT Supporter Arnd Bremer. “Almost all the systems that we use nationwide work easily with the Toshiba Universal driver.”

NE Germany rates Toshiba’s response quality as very high, with ongoing contact by phone as well as on-site. Toshiba not only provides care and support, but also proposes ideas for further enhancement of the system landscape.

This long-term view fosters a true business partnership built on trust and cooperation – a partnership that transforms your organization.

A partnership that transforms your organization

Ask Toshiba how we can help your enterprise. We uncover the hidden costs associated with your copiers, printers, scanners, and faxes to find cost-saving opportunities throughout your business.

Then we implement an end-to-end solution that frees up your managerial resources, improves staff working conditions, reduces your carbon footprint, and enhances your bottom line.