Pilot Pen Australia

Customer: PILOT PEN
Country: Australia
Industry: Stationary

Cross-Channel Integration of Products and Services to Deliver Holistic Solutions

Instead of the traditional approach of simply selling a printer, Toshiba delivers a total solution built on its long experience working with the logistics industry and its strong technology background. Toshiba takes care of service delivery without burdening your IT team. You are guaranteed customized service including full reporting and the appointment of a Toshiba Client Services Manager who runs the program. With our enhanced solutions and methodologies, you not only reduce costs and improve workflow, you also see increased productivity and can manage complex environments more effectively.

Pilot Pens Australia Experiences Powerful Impact

Pilot Pens Australia’s challenges was to improve its internal workows to reduce costs and enhance overall efficiency, and also wanted to adopt environmentally sustainable processes.

Pilot Pen General Manager of Finance and Administration Paul Astbury wanted to do something about the amount of paper used by his organization, particularly the accumulation of picking slips.

“We print 500 picking slips a day, and these ended up in leaver arch folders, on shelves which turned into archives, and into boxes and boxes, which transform into pallets sitting on the shelf in the warehouse.”

Thorough evaluation of work processes

To evolve this Pilot Pen’s task, Toshiba installed the Paper Reusing System (e-STUDIO306LP), the only multifunctional printer in the world to contain an erasable toner that allows users to print documents, erase them and then reuse the paper.
Pilot's 306LP was set up to permit printing up to 10 times on a single sheet of paper before it would need to be discarded. Toshiba implemented a workow to automatically scan documents before erasing them, while archiving all their content to the server.

Immediately and powerful effective-good for the environment

The Paper Reusing System's impact was immediate: “Paper savings of over 80 per cent in the warehouse has had a positive effect on our CSR and Environmental footprint,” says Managing Director Scott Thornton.

Paul Astbury noticed how staff's attitudes and approach to paper processes changed too. The new technology and implementation transformed Pilot’s company culture.

“It’s been a cultural shift since implementing the Toshiba, we don't need to feel guilty when we print anymore. It allows us to print our internal documents and then scan them, re-print them again if need be. It also allows us to electronically file all our documents,” says Astbury. “That eliminates all those other archive boxes and the palletization of those archive boxes. So really for us it has been a cultural shift in the way we changed our processes. We improved what we were doing, and it's good for the environment, and it’s working right through our whole business.”

A partnership that transforms your organization

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