Erasable Toner

What is erasable toner?

Erasable toner is toner whose color can be erased by exposing it to a high temperature. Our Toshiba Hybrid MFP uses this technology to make it very easy to reuse paper.

Regular toner is made up of resin, wax, pigment and other substances, with the color determined by the pigment. Erasable toner however uses a special color material instead of pigment. The color material is made up of a color substance, developer to color and adjuster for color change. Normally, the color substance and developer to color bind to produce the color, but when a certain temperature is applied, the connection is broken, and the developer to color and adjuster for color change bind, which erases the color. As a result, the toner printed on the paper is no longer visible, allowing the paper to be used again for printing.

Here some useful Solution:

toner image